Taiwan Porcer Water Technology Co., Ltd

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About Us

Taiwan Porcer is an innovative company that focuses on developing water-material applications. We combine the concept and technology of Web 5.0 to bring the research results of Taiwan’s water material R&D teams to market as applicable products, improve market scale and branding, and care for the environment. Thanks to an innovative internet business model, we are building a new win-win ecosystem. Porcer water technology aims to create a world in which humans can live in harmony with nature.


Our Core

Proprietary Materials

Proprietary water and material technology.

Scale Advantage

We only work with the top two manufacturing factories in the world, creating an industrial symbiosis.

Business Model

We bring material providers, factories, and brands together, building a collaboration ecology.

Channel Strategy

We actively look for authorized agents around the globe to build up our channels.

Smart Management

Our F2C supply chain ecosystem combines SCM, B2B, and B2C.

Precision Operation

Our team is managed and operated by expert managers.

Our Business

Materials Division

We focus on developing, producing, and selling water technology materials. VIEW DETAIL

OEM Business Department

We provide OBM, ODM, OEM services based on customer’s requirements. VIEW DETAIL

Branding Business Department

We have a 20-year background in business development and have many unique, high-quality patents on our products, with a lot of marketing potential. VIEW DETAIL