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Introduction to Our Group

Nature. Cooperation. Sustainability.
From a single product to a high-value platform company!

Taiwan Porcer's core brand value rests on three things: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. Our methods promote harmony between humanity and the natural world. Using nature as our starting point, and innovation as our guiding principle, we have expanded into four main areas: water purification, healthcare, agricultural science, and environmental technologies. We cooperate with the outstanding talent from across the world and use production resources to introduce consumers to an even better way of life, and to maintain a happy and sustainable business.

Water Purification


Agricultural Science

Science and Technology

Technology + Products + Design Solving consumer problems. Solution

In today's business world, innovation isn't just about creating new products - it's about discovering new, unexplored areas of the marketplace.
It's about answering unsolved questions, and finding new ones to ask.

In the age of networked businesses, innovation is becoming even more of a challenge.
How can we exploit new material technologies? How can we maintain innovation in design? How can we select and apply the right values, and bring them to the marketplace?
In order to maintain an edge in creativity and competitiveness, organizations of the future must be able to answer these questions while continuing to satisfy consumer demands.

Business model

If you share our ideals, have technology, and/or have capital, we welcome you to join our organization and start cooperating with us in order to produce the best possible products.

  • Innovation is a key feature of our business model.

    Earn more and share the glory.
  • Cooperation instead of competition.

    Cut prices, gain trust.
  • By sharing our energy,

    we can ensure it is never used up!


Get a ladle full of water
High-quality water is the foundation of a healthy life.

Water is everywhere in our lives. The three most important elements of human life are: Sunlight, air, and water.
70% of the earth's surface is covered in water, and the human body is 70% water . Our mission is to make humanity healthier by increasing the quality of our water.

Porcer is dedicated to revolutionizing the field of water materials. In the course of our research and development, we test and implement unique materials and techniques to create new products, bringing consumers healthier, purer water.
Koiller: A subsidiary of the Taiwan Porcer Group.

  • Water materials
  • At-home water filtration
  • Smart water
  • Functional water


Innate observers
Finding problems in life, using technology to change the world.

Human health faces many challenges today: Bad bacteria cause disease, and the overuse of antibiotics has led to the spread of so-called 'superbugs' - infections that are resistant to antibiotics. As these have become more and more harmful, controlling the problem has become more and more difficult.

PORClean's healthcare treatments are developed using purely natural, organic methods. We use natural raw materials to develop our patented ingredients and technology, providing you with safe, stable treatments to solve your healthcare issues, reduce the chances of disease and increase your quality of life. Together, we are creating a new era in natural healthcare treatments.

  • Oral healthcare
  • Hair and scalp treatments
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Foot care
  • Long-term care


A necessary transformation in agriculture

Agriculture is the foundation of any stable economy. Despite Taiwan’s outstanding farming practices and knowledge of crops, it is always necessary to maintain an awareness of the foods we consume, in order to solve any agricultural difficulties that may arise.

An alliance for improvements in farming. Innovations in production and marketing.

PORSweet is committed to achieving harmony between humanity and nature by using material technologies, intelligent production and marketing, and applied science and technology to create an innovative business model. In this way, we are able to look after our farmers' health, increase our production capacity and the quality of our products while simultaneously lowering our production costs, all the while continuing to give consumers peace of mind with regards to the food they eat. Furthermore, our methods ensure that we are able to effectively manage our production cycle while maintaining environmental sustainability, solving problems, establishing an agricultural value chain and making the world a greener place.
PORSweet: A subsidiary of the Taiwan Porcer Group.

  • Farmers' health
  • Coexisting in harmony with nature
  • Friendly ground and water resources
  • Intelligent management
  • Raising production capacity and quality

Benefitting the world

The best kind of person is like water: Always benefitting others, without striving for superiority. This modest value is why rivers are places where all things may find a home: Because they are willing to place themselves in a lower position, they become the source of life for all kinds of plants.
On the one hand, nothing on earth is gentler than water. But on the other hand, water can penetrate the hardest substances known to man, and has a greater strength than anything on earth.
Water does not strive for dominance with humanity, nor does it fight against the world. It simply exists.
Finally, water is the most tolerant thing on the planet. It can receive anything and anyone, but in itself, it will always remain clean.