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Make Money: A Successful Business Accelerator
Successful Entrepreneurial Accelerator (aka MM SEA)


The purpose of innovative commercial design is to achieve new focus through "innovation", to bring together series of designs, to find the best way to communicate, to achieve commercial goals, and to create commercial success!

In the traditional business environment, the function of the entire business chain is to create value for the sole purpose of gaining compensation. However, entrepreneurs and tech developers are often unable to grasp the functions of every business chain, and as a result the line between success and failure can become narrower.

The Internet 5.0 and commercial design innovation have allowed businesses to enter a dynamic and organic interconnected ecosystem. This ecosystem allows businesses to consolidate resources to create a new business model with rapid innovation and complete chain. This is how the MM SEA platform was born!

Internet 5.0. The Internet refers to five main networks: “The innovation network, the information network, the resource network, the personal network, and the industry network”. In the new age of the Internet 5.0, the speed of world evolution will be faster.

From one technology to four!

From a single product to a high-value platform company!
  • Commercialization

    Innovative designPackaging design
  • Scaling

    Business ModelProduction Design
  • Branding

    Brand NamingCorporate DNA
  • Globalization

    NetworkingChannel Design

Role and Function

Innovative Business Model

Victory through cooperation
  • Innovation is a key feature of our business model.

    Earn more and share the rewards
  • Cooperation instead of competition.

    Cut prices, gain trust.
  • By sharing our energy,

    we can ensure it is never used up!

Honorary consultants

Victory through cooperation

    Taiwan Porcer. Internet 5.0. All rivers run to the ocean.

    Our goal is to be like water. To nourish all things, and to benefit all beings.