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Sustainability is at the heart of our operation
Our goal is to be like water.
To nourish all things, and to benefit all beings.

Company values

The Taiwan Porcer Group was created by Li Jianqi, the founder and President of the Sinya Digital Corporation, in order to show Taiwan's value to the world.
After running Sinya for over twenty years, he discovered that Taiwan contained a wealth of untapped potential in the field of material technology.
Upon making this discovery, Li Jianqi wanted to bring this technology to the entire world.
In order to develop the application and value of Taiwan's material technology industry, Taiwan Porcer assembled a team consisting of top leaders from various interrelated fields. Our aim was, through the consolidation of various production chains, to form a network that would connect researchers and developers to top business consultants, thus creating an environment where everyone could work together to create value and share in the rewards of their mutual enterprise. By making use of the right business methods, continuously pursuing innovation, and a commitment to Blue Ocean production, Taiwan Porcer hopes to use Taiwan's water technologies to make the world a healthier place.

Our Brand Promise


To maintain quality, without compromise.


To use our brand and our products for the benefit of all life.


To consistently be at the cutting edge of taste and design.


Water Purification Technologies


Agricultural Science

Environmental Protection Industry

Innovative Energy

Innovative Education