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At Taiwan Porcer, we believe that no one is perfect. At the first stage of recruitment, we get to know our partners' strengths in order to put them in the right position. We will help you to better understand yourself and the team, which in turn helps us to better understand the team members' strengths and to better appreciate their outstanding performances. Understanding team members' weaknesses can also help with team coordination, and helps everyone to work more closely together. We deeply believe that a strong team spirit is what allows us to come together to make extraordinary products and provide extraordinary services to our customers.

Academic theory

We believe following theory can decrease the chances of failure in practice. We think successful people know how to learn from history and follow an academic path in order to improve their decision making and the quality of their work. We hope that our partners understand how to keep learning and improving whilst being part of a team, so that our company may continuously be able to adapt to our environment and thus continue to be successful.


We believe real experience is important, and as such we only choose talent with experience in a professional field. Your past successes and failures are invaluable experiences, and are the foundation for future expertise. We respect professionalism and trust in professional experience. Failure is the first step in the road to success, allowing us to learn from our experiences, achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams.

Partner relationship

We are a team with a mutual goal. We build trust and value through comprehensive communication, and we remain competitive and efficient through professionalism in every position. We strive to maintain a working environment where everyone's profession is respected, so that they can put their passions to work and be successful in their careers.


Join Taiwan Porcer

Talent is our most important asset.
We provide outstanding compensation for those who maintain consistent performance and hit their targets.
We maintain a profit-sharing policy with working partners to attract, hold and grow talent from all areas.


Taiwan Porcer has a diverse and competitive salary structure, and awards generous bonuses based on the company revenue.
Permanent full time employees can enjoy the following benefits:


Fixed 12 months annual salary, plus yearly bonus of at least one month's salary (limited to employees in our Taiwan offices, dependent on company performance).


We offer different kinds of performance bonus to employees whose performances are consistently outstanding.
Bonuses are awarded based on company margins, personal performance, and organizational target achievement rates.

Employee Profit-Sharing Bonus

To thank employees for their contribution to the company, we provide a generous profit-sharing bonus system.
The Employee Profit-Sharing Bonus is based on company revenue, team performance, and individual performance.

Note: The above descriptions serve as an outline only. Each individual employee's salary and benefits are based on their individual employment contract.
If any adjustments are made to these policies, please refer to the latest revised version.

Career development opportunities

We pursue truth in technology application and product development. We have an innovative business model, and are expanding to the global market. Taiwan Porcer is the best platform for you to showcase your talent.

Sustained Development

Water technology, across generations.
Taiwan Porcer looks for sustainable and continuous development. We use water as our model, to learn how to adapt to all kinds of environments. We are continuously pursuing innovation and new breakthroughs. Join Taiwan Porcer, learn and grow together.

A Happy Company

We enjoying working in a happy, cheerful environment, because work is how people achieve their goals and fulfill their purpose in like. Together, we want to achieve both material and spiritual happiness, in order to enrich our lives.